Logo for Banan.Love
Logo for an online intimate store, inspired by the name
Option №1
The logo plays on the theme of the censorship signs. There is a direct association between banana and masculinity. Winningly refers to the topic 18+
Option №2
The logo as a marker, as a vivid image referring to heavenly delights and tropical heat. To achieve such associations the logo is presented as a fruit sticker. It is a collective image of banana packaging. In this concept, toys are presented as juicy and bright fruits that you want to buy
Option №3
A logo that plays on the name and connection to the sex industry. A banana that you want to kiss. Stylish, modern and at the same time the most understandable design for the audience. Laconic but effective
Final version
The image of a siren, dreams and desires that entail. But without forgetting the name of the company, the mascot / character was created — The Banana Girl
A pack of 19 banners for the site, designed in the same style and inspired by the developed logo