Designing for global impact: Transforming complexity into impactful communication to drive change, achieve strategic objectives, and empower organizations worldwide
Tigre Rossa Design Agency
About us in 2 statements:
1. Bringing bright values to the world through design brings us happiness
2. We derive pleasure from transforming complex material into efficient and captivating design communication
What we can do
  • Branding
    We can help develop your brand through logo design, corporate identity, brand books, and character/mascot development, as well as merchandise design
  • Visual Design and Advertising
    We offer services in illustration, pattern design, infographics, banner design, and advertising stand creation
  • Web-design
    Our team can create landing pages and websites, with development expertise in various stack solutions
  • Layout
    We provide design, layout, and preparation for print materials like leaflets, brochures, catalogs, calendars, and magazines
  • Packaging design
    Our team can assist with bag and label design, gift wrapping, special packaging, and souvenir design
  • 2D/3D Animation
    We offer animation services for advertising and animated banners, as well as 3D animation and visualization
How it works
Briefing and Task Determination
In this stage, we gather information on the purpose of the communication, context, target audience, and competitors. We also define technical parameters and project stages with their deadlines
Team Selection
Based on the project details, we form a team to assist the client. The team is led by a project manager who organizes all the steps of the project, controls the work, and communicates with the client. The team can consist of marketing specialists, graphic designers, 3D designers, motion designers, UX/UI designers, and programmers
Project Work
We begin the project work by collecting references, either from our side or the client's side. The selection of references is based on the questions we answered earlier. We then make the first drafts and propose different design options. The client chooses the design option that fits the most and on the basis of it, we develop all other items needed for the project. We can make corrections at every step as needed
Two types of project work and billing
Monthly Basis: for clients with ongoing tasks, we study the client's needs and define the exact amount of work required. We then work on a month-fee basis.
Project Basis: if the client has projects every now and then, we calculate the price of each individual project and work on it when needed.
About the team
We are based in Italy and USA. Our team is international and multifunctional. We are advertisers, developers, graphic, motion and 3D designers
We are in a good company
Our contacts
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Our address
2810 N Church St Wilmington 19802-4447, 29346, State of Delaware. USA

Via Alserio 1, 20159, Milan, Italy
Let's talk!
We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with ambitious organisations and businesses like yours. Let us know what you're hoping to achieve and how we can help make it happen