Identity, layout and animation


As part of this project, we have developed a poster for the T1A workspace in order to present the company, its field of work, internationality and attract the attention of customers and neighbors in the business center. We have focused on the corporate identity of the company and the image of the world
Video presentation
This motion video is an informative presentation of the company's achievements and areas of specialisation in the field of IT consulting. Throughout the video, we showcase T1A's expertise in various fields such as data science, cloud data and analytics, conversational AI, customer experience, process mining, and IoT is highlighted in a straightforward and informative way
We have developed variable roll-ups, which are ideal for demonstrating the expertise of T1A at various events and conferences. The variability of the developed graphics made it possible to use the design at different events and sizes of the roll-up
Animated facebook cover
We also created an animated Facebook cover, which features a minimalist map highlighting the company's global presence, accompanied by brand-style icons