2D/3D Animation Showcase
2D/3D Animation Showcase
Our team, comprising art director, production experts, 2D and 3D design artists, motion designers, and sound designers, collaborates closely to bring your ideas to life.
From ideation and scriptwriting to storyboarding and animatics, we meticulously craft each step of the animation process. Witness the transformation as our skilled artists create the final animation, enhanced by dynamic sound design.

Explore our portfolio and discover the harmonious collaboration that produces stunning 2D/3D animations.
Together with GlowByte, we developed an interactive 3D printed map to be placed on the wall of one of the offices and created the animation of it
This show reel represents some of our work done in 2022 and beginning of 2023 Works in following spheres: Development of branding, company image; Web design (UX/UI, mobile); Promotional materials from printing and classic materials for the conference to NFT objects and VR design; Animation 2D/3D
Animation for the stand at the Ecom Expo exhibition in Pixel-art style. The animation was thought out in such a way that it smoothly flows from the platforms on the floor surface to the walls covering 2 sides of the stand
Animation for the company «Supplier of Happiness» about picking orders for online stores. The project included the following works: scenario, development of characters and style of the video, storyboard and animation
We have developed a comprehensive memorable style for the conference, which we have adapted to various media, such as the cover animation. The style is based on unique objects and characters related to the theme of the game, they stand out among other objects. We have also create an accent font for the neon style
For an outstanding client, we have developed the concept of a charging and creative animated story with a cute character and lots of oranges
The animated cover was designed for the website of the data-lovers community, which aims to bring young people together and organize events related to data. To symbolize youth, Hebe (Ganymeda), the Ancient Greek goddess of youth and prime of life, was chosen as the central figure. The animation depicts her surrounded by various data symbols
The motion video created for T1A is a concise and informative presentation of the company's achievements and areas of specialisation in the field of IT consulting. Throughout the video, T1A's expertise in various fields such as data science, cloud data and analytics, conversational AI, customer experience, process mining, and IoT is highlighted in a straightforward and informative way
For the Land's Meet-Up event, the objective was to showcase the company's commitment to green initiatives and sustainability programs. The animation portrays the entire team as a storm, coming together to present the company's various projects.
For HSE University, we created an error page animation as part of the motion project for various occasions
For HSE University, we created a series of short promos for social media as part of the motion project for various occasions. These promos showcases experimental fonts developed and distributed by HSE Fonts and is styled as a catchy ad. The target audience is based on young professionals, freelancers and university students.
For this project, we were interested in learning statistics about design. What colors are used most often? How much does the average designer earn? What is the difference between the earnings of a male and female designer?